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Tania do Carmo

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind"

How it all started
Born in Germany to Portuguese parents, I grew up bilingual and interested in everything doing with communication and languages. I graduated from German secondary school and wanted to experience the Portuguese lifestyle. Having so much family in the Algarve and the norther region of Portugal, that was an easy step even though I ended up in Lisbon with no family at all, but experiencing a new life style and finishing my university degree in European Studies in 2003. Without any doubt the goal was always to get back to the Algarve and start my professional career there, where the sun shines 360 days a year! It was more by chance that I started my first job in real estate in 2004, and immediately loved the combination of assisting people and the admin role, as I like to be organized.

Why I love my job
As I already mentioned I love people and assisting them, and what better purpose then helping find them their dream home or investment?! It’s all about social skills and real estate knowledge, which my almost 20 years in the industry have taught me. I will always go the extra mile for the client, as I know how hard it can be in a foreign country at first, when you want to make it your home country or second home. It is about human beings, their motivations and the seek of a home whether to live or monetize.

When I'm not working
I use to say that my passion are dogs, cats and children. I like to volunteer and help rescuing animals and raising awareness of sterilisation and veterinary care for our pets, as the situation concerned on animal welfare in Portugal is despairing and try to educate my children in that way too. As a mother of 2 girls, they are my world and therefore I like spending time with them, open their horizons and experience the world with them and through them. Other than that I love the beach in the summer and nice country strolls in spring and fall.


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