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John Stewart

"I take pleasure in taking the difficulties out of the process for our clients, streamlining their experience, and making it enjoyable"

How it all started
Originally from London my last role there was as a corporate events manager for one of the UKs largest publishing companies. Like so many of my current clients I longed to escape the rat race and dreamed of a life in the sun. I started this new page in 2004 when I left London and initially moved to Spain starting my career in the real estate sector. I moved to the central algarve in 2012 after working nearly 10 years in real estate in Spain and I have worked with Divine Home since arriving in Portugal. It has been my pleasure to manage the central algarve office in Albufeira since 2016 and have helped hundreds of families realise their dreams of owning a property in Portugal during my 10+ years with the company. 
Why I love my job
I spend my days driving nice people to lovely properties, all with the backdrop of sun, sand and sea. I feel I was very lucky to find a job with Divine Home, and over the last 10 years I have helped grow and develop the brand and created a great team of customer focused agents that are dedicated to serving our clientele. For me every day is a new challenge, with new clients, new properties and new dreams to help realise, every client is unique. I never tire of the process of helping clients and take great pleasure working with people from all countries and backgrounds.

Buying a property in a country that is not your own presents various challenges and hurdles for our clients. It is often one of the biggest decisions and financial commitments any person will make in their lives, I try to make it an enjoyable decision and a financially beneficial investment that will often stay in their family for generations. It is sometimes hard for a client when they are unfamiliar with the local system, laws and protocols and helping guide people through these processes, sharing my experience and knowledge and ultimately finding the house that people fall in love with is incredibly gratifying, I truly feel I help change peoples lives for the better. I take pleasure in taking the difficulties out of the process for our clients, streamlining their experience and making it enjoyable. I honestly could not see myself doing anything else.  
When I'm not working
I start every day at 7:00 in the Gym to battle the bulge that comes from the great food (and wine) we have here in the algarve and although I am a bit of a workaholic when I do have downtime I love to travel, meet new people, experience different cultures and see the world. I am a great believer in "carpe diem", trying to make every day important and valuable, but when not running around to this end I also enjoy relaxing on the beach and watching the sun set over the sea. 

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