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João Romba

"Having clients approach me in the street to sell them their property is the best story I can tell"

How it all started
After a short but intense experience living in Germany, after 5 years living in Regensburg, I returned to Portugal, to my hometown: Mértola. From where I had left at the age of 19. The first contact with Divine Home started when I was called to take some photos of a few properties. After this first contact with the office manager in Mértola and the leaders of the company, it was clear that I had established a quality partnership. From the way of working to the treatment within the company, I was sure that I was working with professionals and I wanted to maintain this connection and if possible strengthen it.

After a few visits to properties with Martine, we realized that it would be even more interesting for the company and for me to start using the knowledge and contacts I have in the region, for the benefit of clients who choose to work with Divine Home. It was then that we decided to go from photographer to Real Estate Agent.
Why I love my job
I like my job because it allows me to have a present family life, without losing focus on the clients and in trying to do everything so that they are reassured at the time of making the purchase or sale of their property. Real Estate Agency because working in the field, I can offer all my knowledge of the territory, the understanding of the Portuguese bureaucratic system, the facility to communicate in 5 different languages and the sensitivity to maintain a transparent and honest connection with the client. Having clients approach me in the street to sell them their property is the best story I can tell.
When I'm not working
When I'm not working, I'm filming or regenerating the land that belongs to the family. Besides what I do with Divine Home, I'm an apprentice and film trainer in two primary schools in Mértola. I work regularly on creating art with videos and I still have to find time to water the trees and bushes I plant everywhere, including the vegetable garden in my backyard.

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