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Chantal Bruining

"Within the scope of Real Estate there is such a diversity in the job that I can come up with creative solutions to improve processes, teamwork, marketing, sales and the overall client experience."

How it all started

When I was 18 years old, I saw the education “Bachelor in Business Administration” with a specialized pathway in Real Estate and I immediately felt “This is me”. I remember the moment like yesterday and within 4 years, I successfully graduated and started working in Real Estate in the Netherlands. Having worked in both a small and large real estate company in the Netherlans for 5 years, I had the right experience to take my passion abroad. 


When I visited a friend in Portugal in 2009, I fell in love with the country and it immediately felt like home. Knowing exactly what Dutch buyers expect from a real estate agent and seeing that at that time, often, information was lost in translation or just not given at all; the idea was born to guide Dutch buyers to buy their dream home in Portugal. That is how it all started. And today we have 4 offices in Portugal, one in the Netherlands and a great team of enthousiastic professionals who love to help buyers and sellers just as much as I do. 


Why I love about my job

Real Estate is the ultimate combination of people, property, marketing and sales. Each day is different and there are challenges everyday. It is perfect for my inner drive to seek for improvement and innovation and I love the combination of marketing, sales and client relations. With Real Estate having such a diversity in the job I can come up with creative solutions to improve processes, teamwork, results and the client experience. I enjoy building the brand and the company and I am happy to see how many of our team members have grown into making a succesful career with Divine Home. 


It gives true joy and satisfaction to succesfully help sellers sell their home and help buyers realise their dream. We provide true added value to sellers with our proven marketing strategies and we see most of our buyers spending more and more time in Portugal year after year once they realised their purchase. It makes me greatful that I can be part and contribute to their journey as well as the journey and growth of our team members. 


When I'm not working

When I am not working, I love to spend time with my family and friends. Going out for a walk, enjoying good food or spend a day at the beach, really make me smile and charge my battery. I love working out in the gym to stay fit and I dream of having my own vegetable garden one day and being a great chef, but to achieve that I will need to spend more time in the garden and kitchen :) 

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